October 2017 Newsletter

Firstly I’d like to thank the membership for the consideration shown towards the wildlife that share the lake. I know many of you try to police the lake by explaining to members of the public that BREAD dehydrates and kill the birds, only to be told to do one! Likewise if you see the row boats chasing the young birds, you shout out for them to behave, even if it is to no avail.
Unfortunately, we seem to be the easy non-confrontational option to blame for the death of all and any wildlife on the pond.
I have spoken to a number of other clubs, all of whom share their ponds with an array of wildlife and experience no problems, the only difference is: All have a strict NO Bread rule and Boats hired by the public are strictly controlled. But I guess every council or land owner has the right to decide how they want their pond run and what kills the wildlife and what doesn’t.
Until I hear otherwise, I would ask you to continue using the pond with your usual consideration. And the club will continue to buy grain, which is placed on the islands during winter and spring.

The re-introduction of one metre racing seem to have been a success, but I still want to use the remaining months of this year to sort out what rules and courses are best so that the maximum number of members can enter and enjoy this class of model.
I would appreciate any comments on this matter.

Following the last twilight sail, which attracted a good 60+ members of the public, who thought the boats looked wonderful all light up, I asked the council if we could have a twilight sail on the first Monday of the 6 summer months, so that people knew we’d be on the water. As yet I haven’t heard back from them.

For next year the Barges will race on the 1st Sunday of the month and the IOM’s on the 3rd Sunday. Reg is running the Motor boat events, and the dates are chalked on the blackboard hung outside the clubhouse.

Terry the council’s ground manager has done us proud this year and the ponds level has remained high throughout the year. So when you’re tucked up in bed, give him a thought as on a number of occasions, he’s been down the pond, whilst we’ve all been snoring.

The introduction of Double yellow lines along promenade way is a problem to some of our elderly members and has also resulted in me having to withdraw an invitation for other clubs to visit.
I had hoped to make Brightlingsea the Location for an East Coast model Boat show, as it attracts international interest, but everything considered, I feel all our efforts would be to no avail.

The Grand draw run by Captain Mannering (don’t tell them your name Pike) Britton, will be drawn at the AGM, Although a good number of tickets have been bought, we won’t be repeating it next year as it’s the same few people that buy the tickets on a regular basis. I accept not everyone wants to enter, but thank those who do.

The list is now up for those wishing to attend the yule dinner, please sign up if you wish to attend.
This year please remember not to bring any raffle prizes as we have included the raffle in with your ticket price. I hope to buy a number of decent prizes over the next week or so and each of those attending will be given a ticket as they sit down.

Peter our Boatswain with the help of Allen and a few other members happily carry out all the maintenance on the clubhouse, but I would like to see some of the membership offer to do other jobs, such as, take the rubbish home, fill the water canisters, hoover the carpets and wipe down the worktops, being a member doesn’t have to end with: pay your subs and go home.