July News Update 2018

WEED, now I can see why the government want to outlaw it.

Although the growth of weed has really spoilt our early sailing events, it was refreshing to hear very little negativity about the sailing restriction the dreaded stuff has placed upon us.

I would like to mention that Terry the council’s grounds manager had the dye in the pond replaced within days of me bringing the presence of weed to his attention and when that failed, he got up in the middle of the night (when the tides were high enough for him) to flush the lake with sea water.

But as helpful as Terry and the council have been, even he couldn’t fight nature as it’s now become clear that the growth of weed this year is a nationwide problem in lakes, ponds and rivers.

Looking at it on Sunday 1st July, I think the weed is slowly dying, so lets hope racing and sailing in general can soon resume.

The Tendring show is upon us once again and this year we had even more members wanting to exhibit their boats, which is great in one way and a problem in another, as we are restricted both in tickets and show space.

So decisions have to be made, ie 15 members wanting to go and only 12 tickets.

Some members were willing to pay for a ticket to show their boats, which was nice of them, but wouldn’t address the problem of limited space in the tent.

Peter B’s job is to pick a “selection” of boats, from the list I give him, which he thinks best represents the club.

So knowing what boats we all have and not wanting to end up with 6 tugs and 6 barges, I and not Peter had to reduce the list by 3 places. Not an easy task but as I had to point out to one disappointed member;

“For you to attend, YOU tell ME who to drop and why”?

If we as a committee can address this problem in future years, we will do so, but in the meantime, please don’t take rejection personally, and don’t assume I consider your boats rubbish, because you’d be wrong, when it comes to running the club, we just do our best.

Another moan brought to my attention was the low prices I auctioned the various boats and equipment off for earlier in the month. I do agree they were crazy give away prices, but they were Auction’s and if you wanted an item you only had to outbid the winner, so those moans fell on deaf ears.