August Newsletter 2018

The battle to take control of the lake was hard fought and the final result is Terry 3, the weed 0. How he did it I don’t know, but his dedication and working whilst the rest of us were fast asleep has saved our sailing season.

The recent hot spell has been quite draining, so I was interested to hear Danny D telling Bob that back home up in the North East, the dockyard and foundry workers most favoured brew is Lager and lime shandy’s.

The Tendring show was, as usual, very successful and the tent was visited by even more members of the public than in previous years. One idea put forward is that in future years we split our time slots on the water into two parts, one for sailing vessels and the other for powered craft. Personally I thought this was a good idea, but Peter will decide on implementing this suggestion, depending on the models picked to represent the club.

Following the clubs break-in, Peter and Gary fitted new locks and bolts. The Powerboat presented to Sandra for all she does for the club was the only thing taken and thankfully no mindless damage was done to the clubs interior.

We have recently installed a fridge along with a good selection of cold drinks. The prices are displayed on the fridge door and Sandra would appreciate it if you could pay for anything from the fridge in the pot provided and not in the Tea/Coffee tin.

The list for anyone wishing to book a seat on the coach to the Warwick model boat show is on the notice-board. The committee are happy for the club to subsidize the cost of a 28 seat coach if we can get close to that number, but we feel the smaller 16 seat coach which we hired for the Mobile Marine show did not offer enough comfort for such a long journey. So, if you are interested in attending, please add your name asap or the trip may have to be cancelled. Warwick is one of the last large shows and is well worth a visit, plus as David B pointed out, they also do a decent bacon butty and mug (or in Dave’s case, a bucket) of tea.

We have also bought a new Henry hoover for the club.

We are in the process of looking for new tables as the old ones are looking the worse for wear. Keith found some excellent ones on line from the same place he got the chairs from, but at the moment they are out of stock.

Friends of Gary, who own a house in Iceland, have offered to hold a photographic tour of Iceland evening in the clubhouse mid to late September. If you are interested in attending this event PLEASE put your name down as we need the numbers to make it worth their time.

The manager of the swimming pool is allowing us to continue using the loo on the understanding that we keep it clean. Mick B as in the past has taken it upon himself to clean and maintain the loo, but your help in ensuring you always leave it as you’d hope to find it would be appreciated as any failure on keeping the loo, sinks and floor clean will result in us losing this facility. If you are a regular user, please don’t always leave it for Mick to clean, the mop and cleaning gear are readily available for your use.

I have been asked a number of times recently if we can have a For Sale section on our website. The answer is NO; as explained in a previous newsletter, it just creates a lot of unwanted hassle and emails to our web master, as people change the boats details ie; what’s included, the price, whether its sold or no longer for sale. With the clubs notice-board and various online sites, I feel there are enough outlets for you to sell your boats.

A few members have asked why we didn’t sail or even open the club on the Saturday during the Brightlingsea regatta weekend. The answer is in two parts, firstly: in the past only the same half dozen members bothered supporting the event on the Saturday and secondly: this year because of the weed we would have been forced into using only one third of the pond along with the row boats. I felt this would create friction if the two groups were to come into contact and as the Scouts allow us sole use on the Sunday morning, it seemed only fair to allow them to hire the boats out on the Saturday without fear of a member of the public damaging a model with their oars. The Regatta is all about fun and promoting the town, and reducing any upset on the pond was the least we could do.

Enjoy the rest of the season.