September/October Newsletter 2018

Despite the brief period of weed invasion, I think we’ve had a decent year of sailing and as usual Terry Hamilton has done us proud by keeping the pond as full as possible throughout the year.

I have decided to step down this coming AGM (I can hear you all cheer). I do feel that my dictatorship has gone on for long enough and a new, less bossy, less gobby and more TEAM minded commodore would do the club good. Gary the builder would very much like take over and as he works well with Peter and Sandra, which he has demonstrated on numerous occasions by his willingness to help lessen Peter’s workload, has my vote, but it’s up to you, the membership, who you choose.

Basher Bob has proved to be unbeatable this season and has won the 1 metre along with the super yacht trophies and his scratch built 1 metre yacht has won the best sail boat in this year’s model of the year awards. Unfortunately, due to a recent racing incident, Bob has decided not to accept the trophies, or ever race again, but the fact remains, that the points he has won this season means he is already the winner and his name will be added to the trophies (even if he won’t accept the cups or prizes).

The best power boat of 2018 was quite difficult to pick as we have some new tugs etc. on the water. Peter B’s pilot cutter is well worth a mention as it’s the best example of a cutter I’ve seen, but knowing the amount of work that went into his fisheries vessel, Peter B’s scratch built fisheries vessel has won the best powered craft.
For you new members, to save any disagreements amongst members as which boat should win each of the 2 classes, Sam and I decide on the winners, but this form of democratic voting may change in future years!

The Golden Hammer has to go to Nigel. This award is given to the member who bangs, barges and pushes his yacht through the fleet, the starboard, over taking and windward rules mean nothing to the the winner of this award. Pumped up with the Dunkirk spirit, and poor eye/hand coordination they only see the finish line and nothing in between.
For you new members, this award is meant to be a light hearted way of reminding members that good seamanship often means “ Even if you’re in the right, to give way is often the best course of action”.

It’s a shame that on the odd occasion a committee member doesn’t stay behind to lock up and a set of keys are entrusted to a member, that the club house is left in a hell of a state and the front doors are not secured properly (Sunday 16th Sept).
Whilst I’m still commodore this will not happen again and any key holder who agrees to lock up, then gives the keys to someone else, will lose their right to a key. We the committee try our best to make the clubhouse somewhere to be proud of, it’s only a pity that we have some members who have no pride or sense of responsibility where the club is concerned.
It’s probably just as well I am stepping down at the AGM, because were I to stay, the next member to disrespect club property, or risk the security of the clubhouse would have their subs returned and be out there and then.

Please remember if you wish to attend the Yule meal on Saturday 24th November to PLEASE put you name down as soon as possible as Sandra will soon be collecting the money and booking the number of meals required. Just to remind those of you who attend the Yule meal, as per last year, your raffle ticket is included in the price, and I have already bought the prizes, so please don’t bring a gift as you did in the past.

The AGM is on Sunday 2nd December and this year Sandra and I have saved the money raised by the odd auction and decided to spend some of it on a raffle for those of you who attend.

In my opinion this is the best club I’ve ever been to, we may have the odd disagreement, and some of the rules may annoy you and yes we do like the clubhouse looking nice, but from the comments I get from visitors I can assure you we are the envy of many a club. To many the club may seemingly run by itself, but in truth, the committee does a lot behind the scenes to ensure you can simply turn up, drink your coffee, turn up the fire, then go home and forget it.

I thank you for accepting my past decisions and promise to keep quiet and not take the P so much in the future as I don’t want to be kicked out.