Yule Newsletter 2018

Well, this is my last newsletter, so I’ll ease up on the moans and let the new Commodore bend your ears in the new year.
Having said that, the tea pot takings have suffered greatly this year and are well down. I realise paying is easy to forget if you start talking as soon as you arrive, but if things continue as they are the Committee will have to consider an alternative way of funding this facility, so please make an effort and ensure you pay. Likewise, putting 20p in and telling other that there’s money in the pot, may sound good, but its not fair on those who do pay.

I have ensured that the swimming pool loo is left clean after every meeting and generally it is, but one or two members could take more care, especially if they’ve trooped mud in, it would only take a minute to give it a quick mop as you leave. Please remember using the loo is a privilege, that if abused, we could very easily lose.

One or two members have, to a small audience, been rather critical about the lack of events this year. Sadly those same few have failed to support events such as; the yearly regatta, a trip to mobile marine, the Warwick boat show, evening sails and a photographic evening, so unless they voice their expectations to the Committee, it difficult to know what they expect the club to lay on?

The racing this year has had its heated moments, so we have drawn up three new courses for 2019 and David B will decide on the course depending on the weather conditions that day. Please don’t rely on others to tell you the course as you go round because chances are they don’t know it either (hence arguments).

The number of members wishing to attend the Yule meal this year has gone down about 20%. If as a Club you no longer wish this social gathering to take place please make your feelings known at the AGM. It won’t prevent those of us who do enjoy it from meeting up, but it would be easier for Sandra to organise the venue and date etc.

One or two of you have voiced negative comments to other members about Sam coming in the clubhouse with me. If you do feel he is not welcome then I can accept that and will no longer bring him in the club, but rather than moan about it to anyone willing to listen, just tell one of the Committee that you object to him being in the club and I will ensure he doesn’t enter again.

I would like to thank Peter Breton for all the boxes of biscuits he has bought the Club during the past few years.

I have to mention that our soup night, although poorly supported despite it being a beautiful evening, was most enjoyable and the lights on David H’s paddle boat looked superb.

Please remember there’s a free raffle at the AGM and you have to attend to win something, plus it’s also your chance to tell the Committee any concerns or ideas you have.

I’d like to thank you all for accepting my decisions over the past few years and I promise I won’t return for a 3rd time as Commodore.

I would especially like to thank Leslie for doing a grand job in keeping the books in order, Peter B for keeping the clubhouse somewhere to be proud of and, of course, Sandra for being the backbone of the club.

Although my health isn’t that good, I still hope to attend as often as possible next year. The Club means an awful lot to me and my aim next year is to beat Brian Curry and Basher Bob, so be warned, next year I intend to do my talking on the water.

Secretary’s Note

I am sure the members will join me in thanking Paul for the huge effort he has put into making the Club what it is today. Paul, please now sit back and enjoy your boat modelling, you deserve a break.