January/February Newsletter 2019

Here goes with my first newsletter for the Club. I would first of all like to thank all of you who voted for me at the last AGM and have to say how pleased I am to have taken over from Paul and hope I can do as much for the club as he did for many years. It’s going to be a hard act to follow but I’ve given it a lot of thought and I intend to do my utmost I can for the club.

I have had a meeting this week with the Town Council and also Barry from the Scouts next door, he has told me that he and a few volunteers are going to sort out the boarding etc on their building and, after much chasing, he assures me that they will paint their half of hut in April. Terry Hamilton, from the Council, has confirmed that a temporary repair to the hole in the door will be done before hand.

As regard to the dye for the weed I’ve been told it’s a no-no to let us have some on site for us to use, as it comes under a chemical licence, and like last year he will act on the problem when the weed starts to appear. The weed has to start the growing process for the dye to take effect.

Terry also thanked me once again for the kind donation last year for his sponsored bike ride that made collectively well over £50,000. Well done Terry.
This week we had our first committee meeting and Sandra is going to put up a list of our events taking place this year.

We decided this year to have a key rota for locking up after meetings and we are asking all key holders to come on board and help us with this matter. This way everyone can make other arrangements when it’s not their turn to lock up.

It has also been brought to my attention that there are still lack of funds going towards the tea money. A good example was last weekend, I had a head count as to how many were at the club seeing as the weather was rough and counted 12 members, I put in £1 as did Peter Bowery and Mick Binks and when Sandra counted the money when we finished there was £3.20!!! Teas and coffee are only 20p each so in future could you please make the money tin your first visit and not the cup dispenser. Why spoil a good arrangement when it’s there for you to enjoy.

Well that’s me finished moaning but I feel something has to be said so let’s all have a good years sail and enjoy the club we are lucky to be members of.