March/April Newsletter 2019

Firstly, may I thank all members who supported the Soup Night and for making it a lovely evening. I would also like to thank Sandra and Peter for all their hard work in making the evening a success. Also, a big thank you to all the members for their kind donations on the night.

What a day Sunday 10th March gave us; “HIGH WINDS” comes to mind. It was just like a light bulb moment. As the race started so did the strong winds. We should all thank David Britton, Barry, Danny, and Gordon for all their attempts to rescue the boats that were stranded.

The number of people who came forward to help with the locking up of the clubhouse was a bit disappointing. I know a few of you had voiced your reasons for not taking part, but some have yet to respond. I just feel that expecting Peter and Alan to always stay and lock up is a little unfair and they should also have the chance to go early if they wish.

There was a little misunderstanding by Mick with the power boat steering competition, but glad to say it is now all sorted. I have no problem with Mick as we should all agree he has put a lot of time and effort into this event and it gives you all another event to take part in at the end of every month.

Then came RULE 4 …….. This was all blown out of proportion especially after Sandra and myself received an email at 8.45pm on the Sunday night saying that a complaint had been made. This was uncalled for as the matter had been noted and dealt with by Peter before the meeting closed. I would ask all members who have any issues with the club to please talk to myself, Peter Bowery, or a committee member on the day as this incident did cause a lot of upset and was uncalled for.

Sandra has put up the form for the Tendring Show. If you would like your boats to be considered please add your name.

There will be a notice up soon as we are considering doing a Ploughmans on the Regatta Sunday and would like to know if there is any interest. There will be a charge for the food. Depending on the numbers this may or may not happen!!! We are trying to promote new ideas so please give your support.

We will be holding a Bring and Buy in the near future, the date will be decided at the next committee meeting.

We will also be having a members meeting shortly.

Boats up for sale in the clubhouse – in future we will be asking a fee or donation to the club funds.

Don’t forget your membership is now due!!!!!

Well, only to wish you all a happy Easter and enjoy your sailing.