December 2019 News letter


Well when I joined this Club it never came into my mind that I would end up being the Secretary for this great Club and its members, who over the years have given me the inspiration (hmm I think it was inspiration) and help with my sailing and boat building.

As I said at the AGM it is a shock for a lot of our members in respect of the huge change but again I want to emphasis this new Committee has the future of our Club and you the members at heart so please remember that. Just to remind you the new Committee members are; Reg – Commodore, Keith – Secretary, Lesley – Treasurer, Bob – Bosun, our odd job man who I have asked to stop sharpening his hammer and blunting his chisels, and pointed out that its the other way around. So hopefully we will find him loads to do. Tony is our Sailing Race Marshall and Mick is our Power and Tug boat Race Marshall. Finally we have Baz and Barry as Committee members offering support and back up to the rest of the Committee and have just as much say and impact as the rest of us.

We had our first Committee meeting this morning (15th December 2019. We will generally have our meetings at the club house for ease but if for any reason we need to have a meeting outside of the club house we will, or have it at a different time. So please DO NOT think that whilst we are having our meeting you cannot come in, get a drink etc, it is down to us the Committee to move and not you the members.

So, what did we talk about? Well I was out voted and it is confirmed I am the ugly one – no surprise there then!!

It was a very keen and positive meeting we have discussed the following points, as well as some others which will come up in the future and we will notify you in future Newsletters.

  • Regarding the buoys; Tony has given me guidance for the weights, rope and chain for them and he will also guide me as to where he wants them laid ready for the race season.

  • He then came up with a great idea for another race, and for the time being this will only take place with the 1 metre boats and that is for the first traditional 1 metre race all the boats will be timed as they finish the race. These times will then be put into groups while you all get your breath back and have a coffee. The 2nd race of the day would be a group start pursuit race. Your group will start in reverse order it if you are the slowest in the 1st race you will start in the first group, and the fastest will start in the last group. This is a pursuit fun race it is up to you slower ones to keep Basher Bob, Tony, Brian and any of the faster ones at bay. The scoring for the 1st race will remain unchanged as normal. If this goes well and is well supported we will look at introducing this into the other races.

    Regarding the races we will need members to help at being “officer of the day” which involves the starting of the race and noting the timings of all the finishers ready for the 2nd race in the case of the 1 metres and the other races which would just be recording names and position finishes. This will then allow Tony etc to compete themselves. Remember this is your club too so we all need to help where possible and enjoy it, just don’t leave it to the same few please.

  • Mick has been reading and learning to use the new stop watch that was given to him by our commodore Reg. There are 3 buttons which for a while baffled him, but I think he will be OK when the power boat and tug season starts.

  • Mick also came up with another challenge!!

    This time for the Tugs; its timed challenge plus there will be a trophy for this as well.

Again, I want to re-iterate what the Race Marshall’s say goes and is final please

I will speak with Tony and Mick to get them to explain exactly how the pursuit race and timings will work as well as the tug challenge so that you all know the rules and so there is no misunderstandings and I will do this before these particular races start.

As with us having a new Committee I made the decision to, and have had, a shift around within the Club house. As you know I said at the AGM that I wanted our members to unite and mix together and to stop the bad atmosphere, and that is exactly what I did with the help of Bob and others. The feedback I have received so far is that it feels more inviting and has a more lively atmosphere now that we can all sit together and its brilliant!!

During the winter we are unable to use the cold water standing tap on the other side of the pond. This is quite normal and happens every year. Now I know many of you may not be aware of this but we now have to resort to filling bottles up which sit next to the fridge. If you see any empties please grab a couple and fill them up and bring back the next week. We all like a cuppa and again we are a Club so help and join in.

We have agreed for the Club to provide some cleaning materials and to give them to the people who look after the Lido Toilet for which we are lucky enough to have the use of. So can I please just remind everybody to look after it and respect it. We are very lucky to be allowed to use this facility.

I know this letter is long but a lot has happened in a sort time. There will be regular updates/newsletters and any suggestions you have please put them in the suggestion box.

On behalf of your new Committee I would like to wish all our members a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and enjoyable season of model boating for 2020.

Kind regards to you all



15th December 2019