February 2020 – Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

Well here comes your second newsletter, a little long I am afraid.

Firstly, an update on Bob’s wife Maureen. From what I understand Maureen is on a very very slow recovery and is still extremely poorly. Paul does talk to Bob and when asked gives us an update which is very kind of him. Plus it prevents lots of phone calls to Bob. Our thoughts are with Bob and his family and I know we all hope Maureen has a full recovery and look forward to seeing Bob back sailing and up to his old antics of “bashing his way to the front in a race”.

The Committee has had a few ups and downs but I hope for the sake of the club and its members we can now knit together better and work together as time goes by. I would at this point remind members that the previous Committee had been together a very long time and did a great job and that this new Committee has only been together for a couple of months so I am going to ask you to please try to be patient. I know it can be frustrating when it’s not being run the way you may want but the main thing is that you all enjoy your time when you are here. I personally don’t think the Committee is doing a bad job. I think the team is doing extremely well; Tony Brett is doing a cracking job with the sail races which are then followed by the pursuit races which have been exciting and even I got a place in one of them as some of you may have witnessed my “jig of joy”, yes it was a jig of joy and not me having a funny turn. Mick and Barry are also doing great work with the electric boats too, and we have had new members join who have an interest in electric boating and sail boats too which is again great for the club.

I also want to thank you all for remembering to put money in the tea pot, this is doing much better and also to thank you for all greeting our new and potential members making them feel welcome. That makes a huge difference.

I now need to ask you as members to help me. Tony has brought it to my attention that it is the Clubs 25th Anniversary this year and therefore I think it would be nice to have something put up in the club in celebration of this great achievement. If you have any thoughts please either let me know or put it in the suggestion box. A lot of you have been part of this club long before I came on the scene, so please get the old cogs going and help me with this. (if they are a bit rusty I do have some 3 in 1 or WD40 to help fix your workings but apologies no Rum or Brandy). Peter Bowery has mentioned that we have a glass plaque on the trophy shelf in the club house and wondered if we could incorporate that in some way! The official date is the 23rd May which is a Saturday so the celebration morning sail will be Sunday 24th May 2020. I shall of course talk to you all about this as we get closer. Now I say Celebration morning; the thing is that it is the Spring Bank Holiday weekend which means there is a high possibility that the Scouts will be out. We will have a Committee Meeting before this and this will be discussed and again if there is something you, the members, fancy doing please let me know or put a note in the suggestion box: I personally would like to see as many boats on the pond to do a circuit around the pond – this includes everything – Sail, Steam and Electric then we can have some photos taken of the event.

As you are all aware the last couple of weeks have been terrible weather wise. We have had extreme wind and rain and to top it all there was a tidal surge. We were a lot luckier than some, especially the Lido. We only had approx. 6” of water come into the club house unlike the last time this happened which I am sure some members can remember vividly. We were unable to start cleaning the hut properly until the electric was put back on which happened on 20th Feb. I hired a carpet cleaner and have cleaned the carpets and sterilised everything so hopefully it won’t smell as bad as has been over the last few days.

Also due to the sewage pump being flooded we could not have use of the toilet at the Lido but thankfully this is now back in action so there is no need for you all to be uncomfortable any more, and doing the “desperate for a pee shuffle” on your way to the nearest loo.. I would like to thank those members who helped making sure tables, chairs etc were moved away from the water level and keeping an eye on the hut during this time it is much appreciate.

On a lighter note I am thinking of suggesting to the Commodore and Committee that we start our own “Old Timers Olympic Team”; as a few months ago we had Whiskers do a double spin and dip straight into the pond, and I think it is fair to say it was a good 8 out of 10. We now have another member who would also be a good contender for the gymnastic floor work – David Britton managed to do a twist with a double roll and a lovely tuck at the end on the way down the embankment but will be working on his finish as he did need a little help in getting up, it was worth a 7 out of 10 but thankfully he was ok. So this is an excellent start for our team. Keep it up both of you we have faith in you. I can do the first aid as I am good with plasters, we have someone who can do physical massages but we do need a few more of you to show us your qualities and then we are away with another side line for our club. Seriously though, when it is wet or a bit slippery please take extra care!!

Please enjoy your sailing as hopefully the weather will improve and battles can commence once more

Kind regards to you all

Regards Keith Hawes (Club Secretary)