COVID-19 – Letter to all Members

Dear member

We are hoping all of you are well and keeping yourselves safe and isolated where need be.

I know what I am about to say is very controversial but I hope you will understand, We have many members who unfortunately fall in the category of being slightly of the older generation and also may have medical conditions that make them high risk to this virus.

I have had members and Committee point out they are adults they know the risk and what measures they should take but still want to sail. So what I have to say as Secretary of the Club is that the Club will stay open unless the Government or the Council decide to implement a ruling which means we must close.  We have also been told that other Clubs are still running but with care.

I am not dictating just making sure those who do sail keep themselves and others safe:

1) I have provided the correct hygiene wipes that can be used on all surfaces and especially your hands. (I have been unable to get the alcohol hand gel at present)

2) This might sound silly but only make yourself a drink and not others (don’t forget your pennies in the tin please)

3) A maximum of 4 in the hut, if you need to congregate do so outside of the Club house but at a safe distance from each


This is a serious situation so don’t take risks and for those of you who have self-isolated let’s hope for everyone’s sake this doesn’t go on too long keep safe and I hope to see you all soon.

Please keep your eye on the Website for further updates.

We will unfortunately have to cancel our Soup and Sail evening that was arranged for Monday 6th April 2020

Kind regards

Keith Hawes

Club Secretary