Important Notice re using the pond

The Club itself can not be fully open as restrictions have not been completely lifted.

However, last Sunday I was at the pond and had a good talk with some committee members and club members who were using the pond at their own risk, but keeping their distances and some of whom have also been regularly boating at Dovercourt, and that some members of the Harwich Club were reportedly racing, but obviously at a distance. It was due to this and the easing of restrictions that we felt that starting as of Sunday, 7th June 2020. Although the Club will not be fully open, we will be opening the Club up to accept membership fees and handout membership cards and insurance certificates. Obviously if you then want use a boat you can, at your own discretion, but there will be no racing. Please note the water level is low. However we must ask that all members adhere to the instructions are outlined in our Website Notice of today’s’ date, for their own safety and those around them and so we stay within the Government guidelines.

The Club House can be opened if the rescue boat is required and masks must be worm.

Also please note there is no facilities available.

In respect of Membership fees these will start being collected on Sunday, between 8.30am and 11am. However to make it easier for some if you wish to pay by cheque, via the post, or want to pay via BACS banking then please email me separately and I can give you the Clubs Bank details or my address for you to post your cheque.

We have contacted Brightlingsea Town Council and have asked them to “top up the pond” preferably this week, 5.6 and 7th June when we have a high tide, and to also put in the dye to curb the weed. At this point of writing we have not heard of when they are able to do this.

We have put in place certain instructions, which are outlined in the NOTICES section within our website:

  • All members must adhere to the 2m (6ft) social distancing rule and must not congregate in groups of more than 6 members. (social distancing will apply as you are not of the same household).

  • There is a one-way system in operation within the Club house and only 3 members may be in the Club house at any one time should the rescue boat be needed.

  • Should you wish to sail may we suggest you bring your own chair

  • We are providing the members sanitising wipes should they use the rescue boat

  • In respect of the rescue boat; only 2 members allowed in the boat and they must wear the masks provided.

  • The flag pole for the time being will not be used

As and when restrictions change we, the Committee, will update this website and advise all members accordingly.

Keep safe

Keith Hawes

Club Secretary

1st June 2020