August Newsletter




Welcome back to all our members both existing and new this year. We were finally able to re-open the Club, with of course certain restrictions which I will go into in a minute.

Firstly, it is deeply humbling to know all our members are safe after the lock down, even though its been hard having our day to day lives turned upside down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, having to follow strict guidelines set down, and asking people to self-isolate for many weeks, some of whom I know are still self-isolating. I know by the amount of emails I have received that some members have been worried about not being able to pay this years subscriptions on time and being keen to get back to the pond to chill out and enjoy their model boats which was lovely. But as I replied the most important thing was for everybody to stay safe and well done to all of you for being sensible and for those you are still having to self-isolate for various reasons; we are all thinking of you and wish you and your families well. It was with your concerns in mind that the Treasurer and I decided to set up different ways of paying your subscriptions i.e. by cash/cheque as usual, or by paying by electronic transfer direct into the Boat Club account, or by posting a cheque to me directly. All three methods have been used.

I do want to take this opportunity to say that although I have been thanked for all I have done in respect of opening the Club back up and I would also like to thank the rest of the Committee for their efforts to ensure that when the Club is open things run smoothly. Although we are a very new Committee and have “had it tough” this year with events that were beyond our control, they all work hard and are a fantastic support to me as Secretary please remember that too.

Restrictions and signing in!

Most of you will have heard, or are aware of the signing in book, the one way system, use of masks in the rescue boat and using the hand sanitiser, all of which are being used. This has to be adhered to at all times because of the following;

It took me a week of persuading the Trustees of the Lido to allow us the have the use of their toilet again: For this to happen we had to agree that all members should understand that whether you do go into the Club House or use the toilet or you don’t, you are all, even with social distancing, in the vicinity of others. So therefore, if any of you go down, or have suspect symptoms of Covid 19, it is my duty as Club Secretary to contact those Members down on that day to inform them of the necessary precautions they need to do i.e. self-isolate. This is not just required by the Government it is also an agreement with the Lido and our Club to use their toilet. This is also for your safety, and due to the fact that it is me that will have to deal with the consequences I am, as your Club Secretary insisting that EVERY MEMBER signs in. I can not see a problem as anywhere you go. i.e. places to eat etc. now take your name and contact details for this same reason. A rumour came out of getting contamination by using the pen!. I therefore put another bottle of hand sanitiser next to the pen. I will not accept this as an excuse.

Right, now for the good bits!

This year so far we have had 11 new members join which is fantastic for our Club and on behalf of your Committee, and its members, we welcome you all and hope that whilst keeping safe all will enjoy yourselves – that’s what the Club is all about.

The Council in July put the weed chemical into the pond and we are hoping that on the next Spring tide Terry will also be able to top the pond up again, as with this extreme heat the level is dropping.

I would also like to thank Gary for fixing the Club House door which had become warped after the flood in February. It now opens and closes easily, and even has a hook to hold it open!.

Another thank you must go to Mr P Bretton, who kindly made and donated to the Club our new “harbour”, complete with light houses for our electric boats to moor in. If you look on the website we have put some new pictures under the electric boat sections which shows it being used. All our members would like to thank him for his kindness and support and look forward to when he will be able to come back to the Club to see it in action.

We also had news that JAWS was in our pond but due to the quick action of Barry it was caught, proof of this can been seen in the photos.

As most of you were aware it was the Clubs 25th anniversary in May but due to the pandemic we were unable to celebrate this as we had hoped. (Sandra was already planning the Cake!!) The Committee had also planned other events but these have not been dismissed, merely put on hold until a later date, (hopefully not too far off).

Thanks again for all the support you as members are giving both the Club and the Committee. Please keep safe.


Keith Hawes

Club Secretary August 2020