End of Year Newsletter December 2020




Commodore’s Letter

Dear Members

May I open this letter by saying a big thank you to Keith and Lesley firstly for all they have done to make our Club safe and for it to remain open through the year for all of us to use throughout these hard times this year, and for keeping us updated on the website, and also all the Committee Members for their hard work and dedication over the year.  It is really been appreciated by all. 

I would also like to thank all our members both existing and new for your continued support be it by attending the Club and abiding by the Covid restrictions,  or supporting from afar by your emails and calls. 

I as Commodore hope that we can all have a good 2021 and will be working closely with the committee, restrictions providing, to ensure we can sail safely and competitively.


Regards Gary Clarke,   Commodore


Club Secretary’s Letter

And now it’s my turn:  First of all I want to welcome all our new members to our club and their first December Newsletter. Well, due to what has been going on this year which has affected us all in some way, I want to be positive with my part of this Newsletter. 

We had good news with the Scouts Hut in that until the end of March we can store our rescue boat in their part which has given us a lot more room in our hut.  We did give them a donation of £100 as our way of thanks and to help the Scouts with their funds.  We also received an anonymous generous donation of funds to compensate for the money spent on the Covid expenses i.e. wipes, sanitisers etc. to keep us safe and also the Lido allowing us all to use their toilet facilities.  With this donation, plus the sale of boats, and our new members subscriptions we were extremely lucky to have made a surplus of £92.47 (as explained in the Treasures update available on notice board and in printed Newsletters in Club House for you to have once this lockdown ends.  

Due to being unable to celebrate the Clubs 25th Anniversary in May as planned, a member put a suggestion forward that we give each member a “Celebration Mug”, this was discussed by the Committee who agreed to go ahead and we are in the process of distributing the mugs with our logo on and our Anniversary date. These were supplied by Kate, who also very kindly audits our accounts each year, to which we have sent thanks to. 

The only trophy we can issue this year is for “the best model boat build” and that is presented to Gordon Beadle.  Well done, and we expect more from all members.

It’s that time of the year again when Alan, Brian, Tony, Peter, Steve, Mick, Gordon, and the two David’s to name but a few  all get silly and eat loads and put weight on, storing energy for the tactics ahead. Where me, I am going to be my perfect self and eat healthily!!.  Then we have the electric boat men; Barry, Barry, Whiskers, Mick, Steve etc, they will all go silly on the beer and wine to improve their readiness for the steering competitions again and I will be good and sober ready for next year’s sailing.  Then all the excuses come out from both sides;  my rudder got stuck, batteries didn’t charge, the wind is not suited for my type of boat or I got lost on the way, or was talking and got distracted.  Still that’s not as bad as parking your boat on Steve K’s island, so you can get another cup of tea whilst being rescued.  Such tactics are enjoyable to watch and amusingly happen quite often too.

Let’s hope we have all this exciting stuff to look forward to again, with also the positive news of now knowing there is a vaccine on the way so hopefully things will calm down and allow things to slowly come back to normal where we can build, titivate and hone our models and meditate on bending a few rules to gain an advantage, hoping our eagle eyed race marshal doesn’t notice.  So on this positive note I now wish you all a safe, and happy Christmas and a better New Year.

Kind regards to  you all.                  Keith Hawes  Club Secretary                                                                      December 2020