Newsletter April 2021

NEWSLETTER – April 2021

Hooray! The restrictions are slowly lifting and the Club has re-opened, still with the restrictions of no more than 6 members in a group, social distancing and signing in, plus the use of face masks and hand sanitiser provided by the Club.

Also a gentle reminder to all that Memberships fees are due by the end of May 2021.

I would also like to welcome 2 new members to the Club; Malcolm and Paul and I am sure they will enjoy the humour and fun we have on our club days!

Both the Commodore Gary, myself, Lesley, Peter and Sandra have, under the guidance of Tony, our Race Marshall, relayed the buoys ready for the competitions ahead and at this point want to thank Tony for acquiring the buoys and getting them ready. I have to say they are excellent, although Gary mentioned it was a white knuckle ride in laying them, and I am not sure if that was due to being in the boat with me or the nervousness of my rowing, but all went well in the end.

Today, 18th April, we had a great attendance from members at the Club, all abiding by the rules and a few of us commented on Barry’s container ship and how nice it was to see smoke coming out of the funnel until he pointed out he had no power and it was drifting. Then we spotted smoke out of the stern!! I was very supportive and pointed out if he blocked our pond penalties would apply, but he was saved by another member and an extendable grab hook and managed to bring the container ship in, to Barry’s relief, as other members were coming up with all sorts of ideas for penalties to be applied and pointed out that it was going to be cheaper than the troubled ship in the Suez Canal. It turned out that his prop shaft ceased and burned out his speed controller, which smelt nice when he had lifted the deck off.

On a helpful note to all members, especially those who have not been with us long, due the our pond water being salt water it will play havoc with our models so remember to oil, grease and rinse down your models on a regular basis. I have ordered a new wash down sprayer as our old ones are now playing up and I am just waiting for it to arrive.

Also as most of you are aware, but an important note to our newer members; there is a speed limit on the lake and that we are in the public eye and we don’t want to receive any complaints, so please be aware of this.

I have been asked about the dye for the pond; Terry who helps with the maintenance of the pond has said that he is waiting for the Company to come down but there is a delay with this due to Covid. But hopefully it will go in before any weed starts to show, and he will at the next high tide hopefully top the pond up again.

The Club will also be supplying 3 sets of strops for those who need this assistance to put their boat into the water. There will also be a panel with hooks on it for transmitters for those of you who don’t want to leave them on the floor whilst having a cup of coffee or chat – it will be placed next to, or as close to the double doors so that they can be kept an eye on; BUT THIS WOULD BE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Some of you may be aware but there is no Tendring Show again this year. We have also agreed to have a half page advert in the Brightlingsea Town Guide this year so look out for it in a few weeks’ time.

One last thing, please don’t forget your Tea/Coffee money, 20 pence per cup. The funding goes to other things to benefit you the members, it doesn’t just pay for tea ,coffee, sugar etc.

To all of you who like myself, have had both the Covid vaccinations this does not mean you can’t still catch Covid, so please still be on your guard and abide by the regulations set out by the government and most of all keep yourself safe and enjoy your model boats on Club days.

Kind regards to you all

Keith Hawes

Club Secretary 20th April 2021