AGM Report 2022

Brightlingsea Model Boat Club

AGM Reports 2021

AGM Meeting not held due to Covid limitations

Commodores Report

Dear Members,

May I open this report by saying a BIG thank you for all the support you have given the Club in the last year.

On behalf of myself, the Committee and its members can I also thank Keith and Lesley for all their commitment and hard work they have carried out for the Club over the past 12 months. As you know, I have had quite a difficult year myself and thanks to them, they have helped me through and lightened my workload. I am hoping this year to be able to take more of an active roll as Commodore.

I would also like to thank the rest of the rest of the Committee members for all their hard work throughout the year, especially to Tony and Mick for all they do to organise the races and the steering competitions.

I have managed to keep in touch with Terry Hamilton and other members of the Brightlingsea Town Council and I have thanked them for their work in looking after the Lake and the surrounding harbour area.

It was so nice to see so many of our members at our Regatta Day this year with quite a few new members joining in too. The day was a great success, with good banter and excellent races. I would like to also thank Sandra Bowery for the wonderful Anniversary Cake she made to celebrate our 25 years. Sandra also helped prepare the food, with Lesley at midday.

It has been an absolute joy having had the role of Commodore this year, working alongside Keith, Lesley and the rest of our steadfast committee. I have been asked if I would like to stand again for this forthcoming year and I am pleased to say I will and will give the Club all my support. The rest of the Committee members will also remain unchanged.

I would now like to end this letter by thanking you all once again and to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.


Gary Clarke, Commodore.

Club Secretary’s Report

I would firstly like to reiterate what Gary, our Commodore has said for your support for our Club for without that we do not have a Club. I personally also want to say a huge thank you the Committee for the support, especially those who have not been in the best of health this year but who have given their time and effort to the Club. I would also like you, the members, to know that although I am the Club Secretary, and my wife Lesley is the Club Treasurer, she has also been a massive support and help to me with my role and I am truly grateful to her for that. The Treasurers report will follow below.

I would also like to thank the Lido for the use of their toilet facilities which has benefited us all at some point this year.

Due to the current Covid situation the Committee has decided that we would not hold an AGM this year. As much as we wanted to it was the general census and feedback from members that they would not attend as they still have concerns about the risk of being in a confined space for the meeting, and on this note I would like to address those concerns which we, as a Club, take very seriously: Although currently certain aspects for safety against Covid have been relaxed I want to ensure all of our members that measures are still in place; there is hand sanitiser in the Club house and the toilets and we on a regular basis wipe down all the surfaces and again will ask members to wear masks when going into the Club house as per the recent update from the Government. Signing in on arrival is also continuing for Track and Trace purposes. Hopefully by now most of you will have had your third vaccination or booster jab and that we may see more members at the Club enjoying their hobby once again. Unfortunately, Covid is not going away and the risk is all around us but you all can be rest assured that as a Club the Committee will take actions to keep you all safe when you using the Clubs facilities.

On the 28th November we held our end of season meal. However due to a great many of our members not wishing to come into a busy closed area we only had a few members attend. But those who did all commented on how much food there was and how good it was, and a good night and laughs were had by all. The Committee are looking into different ways of coming together again for 2022.

On the 2nd December the Commodore and myself had a meeting with Terry Hamilton and Graham Steady from Brightlingsea Town Council and again they were very happy with the Club and how it was running. It was agreed that we will meet twice yearly in future – April and September/October.

The main discussion was over the pond. If you can recall last year we had spoken to them about tidying the islands up and dredging some of the pond but this was put on hold due to Covid etc. We revisited this again and discussions were held in respect of the pond, its maintenance and future which in turn affects our Clubs future.

The Council are going to put a plan together. keeping Gary and myself in the loop, to see if they can get a Grant for the tidying up of the islands and placing a sort of mesh bag/cloth where there are deep areas within the islands and around the edges that have been eroded away. The idea is to then back fill these areas with with silt from the pond and this in turn would increase the depth of water and thus extend the pond life and rejuvenate the islands and help nature as a whole by plating appropriate wild flowers, grasses etc.

There was also a discussion about them trying to tidy up the path around the pond. However depending on the Grant the Council are able to get it is more likely that the work will be done in stages and both Gary and myself pointed out that we as a Club would support this is any way we can. So from this point of view we hope that this will help positively for the future of the Brightlingsea Model Boat Club.

The seasons sailing ended on the 31st October, although we did not have a full season we had good racing with good attendees. We had two new categories this year; the Super Yacht Race, and the Dragon (for Dragon 65 and 95 classes). The Dragon racing is a fast and really exciting one and a good one to get into – one of our new members Russell from Southend races in this and he had several battles with our own favourite Peter, but young Peter gave it his all and proved he is a force to be reckoned with – we will have to keep our eyes on Russell this year and look forward to up and coming battles ahead.

Trophy Winners;

Barge Race John J (1st Sunday)

Super Yacht David P (2nd Sunday)

Dragon Peter Br (2nd Sunday)

One Metre Race Clive J (3rd Sunday)

Electric/Steering Barry F and Mick N Joint Winners (4th Sunday)

Boat Builders Award; Dan Jukes for the beautifully made “Churchill”

Thanks again for all your support this year – keep safe and see you in 2022!


Keith Hawes, Club Secretary

Treasures Report to end of year October 2021

Despite the Club not being able to be fully open during this year we have still had the full support of its members both old and new which has meant we still have a healthy bank balance of £5567.93 at the end of the financial year.

During this past year we had our Regatta Day for which the Committee decided that members would not directly pay for and this amounted to £149.00 which in view of the amount of members attended was not even £5.00 per head.

We also used £341.28 as a “one off” out of our funds to purchase the 25 year anniversary mugs, plus another £67.00 on a new battery pack for the Starter Box, replaced some Buoys for the lake and a new boat cleaning sprayer

So if you take these amounts from out outgoings of £2789.09 it leaves us with £2231.81 which was less than the year before.

We have also paid £458.02 in advance to Tendring District Council for our pond licence and Hut insurance (this is normally paid in January). We also pay our electricity quarterly now instead of yearly, so in effect we have also paid in advance another £60.00, which again leaves us in good stead for this coming year.

In respect of our membership monies we are slightly up this year from £1264.00 to £1388.00 and thankfully will again NOT be raising the yearly membership fee. We have been lucky to have had a number of new members all of whom have mixed in well with our existing members.

Due to Covid we unfortunately have not been able to hold any fund raising events this year – perhaps this is something the Committee will be able to focus on this year !

As you can see the Tea/Coffee money is only just making a slight profit not taking into account the electricity used. So please ENSURE YOU PAY FOR YOUR DRINK as every penny is needed to ensure this remains viable.

This year we may have to change our cups from polystyrene to cardboard which at present are double the cost. However for the time being we have managed to purchase a good quantity of the polystyrene cups which will keep us going for a while. However as and when the time comes and we have to switch the cost of a drink may have to increase but we will keep you updated about this.

A copy of the full audited accounts are available in the Club House.

Lesley Hawes, Treasurer